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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Best of #Big12ChristmasParty hashtag on Twitter

Oh, you wacky Tweetists keep us amused. The hashtag #Big12ChristmasParty started with a simmer several days ago, but has now reached a full boil, and the results are tremendous. Here are a few of our favorites. Your turn, other conferences.

Everyone agrees to downgrade to 10 Days of Christmas. #Big12ChristmasParty

— cuppycup (@cuppycup) December5, 2011

Somebody pass the sugar bowl&OSU can't reach it.#Big12ChristmasParty

— Marshall (@decadeplan) December5, 2011

Kansas received a football during the secret Santa exchange then asked "what's wrong with this basketball" #big12christmasparty

— nk (@nk1) December7, 2011

After 15 years Baylor finally brings something to the table #Big12christmasparty

— Brittni BEAST East (@_BEAST_MODE_) December7, 2011

Following the season, Texas A&M is all out of gift wrap. #Big12ChristmasParty

— cuppycup (@cuppycup) December5, 2011