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Saturday, December 24, 2011
Naughty By Nature are down with the Giants

A few weeks ago, during the New York Giants' 37-34 win over Dallas, New Jersey's iconic hip hop group Naughty By Nature was shouting out the hometown squad via their Twitter account. In that game, Jason Pierre-Paul, the Giants' defensive end, wreaked havoc. He had eight tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble and a blocked kick. It was mayhem.

That's when revered former Giants linebacker Carl Banks tweeted Jersey's finest -- Banks' playing days coincided with Naughty's early-'90s heyday -- to ask them whether they were "down with JPP?" -- playing off Naughty's iconic hip hop anthem that shutdown every party in the summer of 1991.

So, Naughty -- Giants fans to the core -- quickly took to the studio to remix the chorus.

"Everything seems to evolve from social networking these days," said Vin Rock, one third of the group along with lead rapper Treach and DJ Kay Gee.

Naughty By Nature (for those born after 1995) is a trio of, as Vin tells it, childhood friends from East Orange, N.J. "that fell in love with hip hop culture, survived the risky streets and gave the world great party music." Between "O.P.P.", "Uptown Anthem" and "Hip Hop Hooray," Naughty soundtracked every urban (and suburban) youth event for the first five years of the '90s. Those songs live on, however. You know those songs (anthems) even if you don't know Naughty. (They just released their seventh album, "Anthem Inc.", this month. Although they probably won't have an "O.P.P."-level smash hit, Vin said the song "Perfect Party" will be a "feel-good party jam for 2012.")

It's somewhat surprising, then, that the crew hasn't capitalized on their ubiquitous anthems with a few well-placed remixes here and there. Vin said the "JPP" update is the first sports related remix for "O.P.P."

They picked a worthy cat.

"I think Jason is a young, incredible athlete," Vin said. "Carl Banks calls him a beast on the field, and I agree."

If it's up to them -- and this is in the works -- their JPP-remix will become a part of Giants games.

"The mission with this remix is to play the chorus -- 'You down wit JPP?' -- every time Jason makes a play," Vin said.

Gaints fans are running with it. This parody, by Josh Hyman, was up on YouTube in no time and Vin said Naughty actually plans on collaborating with him to "keep the Big Blue spirit alive this playoff season."