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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
The year in BMX -- a look back at 2011

And to cap this list off, we're giving Scotty Cranmer and Dennis Enarson unofficial VIP of the Year awards. Both riders killed it, and never let any of the attention go to their heads. While we're at it, hats off to Dhers for X gold. We salute you all.

Initially, I wasn't even planning on running this in the BMX blog, but because it's been a hectic week involving repairs to an already repaired ignition column in our decade-old Ford Focus, on top of lining up Fly's brake pads with an Animal Bikes LM rim as well as wrestling an Odyssey Frequency-G tire onto said rim, I'm letting today be all about an abbreviated look back at 2011. Last week, we assembled our annual year in review across the action sports spectrum, and BMX figured prominently into the equation, thanks to events such as Jed Mildon's triple backflip and more.

Yes, there are a ton of other factors that I wanted to include in here, but I tried to keep it short, sweet and as non-Dickensian as possible. You can add onto it in the comments, or just say bad things about me on Twitter. In the meantime, it pleases me to announce that the ignition has been mended for the time being and that the brakes on my street bike work far better with a chrome rim and new brake pads.