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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Updated: January 17, 12:33 PM ET
Salomon Freeski TV: Switzerland by train

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It is the work of ski movies to sell dreams -- to inspire, to motivate and to get you pumped up to ski, travel and enjoy the mountains. The only problem is that once the credits start to reel, the viewer often has no clue how to get to the places and snow they just watched being shredded in the video.

So for the 10th episode of season 5 of Salomon Freeski TV, I'm going to be your travel agent and give you an inside scoop on how to do what Mike Douglas and Kaj Zackrisson did in this week's episode, where they ski the Swiss Alps by train.

1. Buy an airplane ticket to Zurich, Switzerland. I've often found that travel from the States to Zurich is the cheapest and easiest for heading into the Alps. You can find tickets for $500 to $800 from many major airports.

2. When you arrive, grab your bags and head down to the train station, which is conveniently located in the airport itself.

3. Since most flights arrive in the morning, you'll be able to grab a midday train ticket from the airport to one of the European meccas of pow skiing, Engelberg. Switzerland. For about $20 you'll have a second class seat (don't worry, it's nice) with one train change and two hours of soaking in the beautiful scenery of Switzerland.

4. When you arrive, step off the train, turn west on Dorfstrasse Road and walk for about 10 minutes until you hit the Engelberg Youth Hostel, where you can book a bed from about $15 to $35 a night.

5. Wake up the next day, walk to the chairlifts, buy your pass and go shred some pow. It's as easy as that. And once you get a hang of the train station time tables and ease of European youth hostels, you'll be able to go to such legendary places as St. Moritz, Gstaad, Grindewald, Zermatt and Davos all by train and all for a pretty reasonable price.