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Friday, January 6, 2012
Homan off Orchid, Nigel off Mirraco

I never thought I'd be Photoshopping these two together on a Friday night in Los Angeles, but there ya go. Nigel Sylvester is off Mirraco and Van Homan has left Orchid Footwear.

And just as I was ready to head out the door and pedal six odd miles down Aviation Blvd., this happens. First up is the announcement that Nigel Sylvester has parted ways with longtime bike sponsor Mirraco. According to a statement from Mirraco, "While we hate to see Nigel go, we understand why he's chosen to move on. He's been given a unique opportunity to help build a brand. He's always been interested in product design, promotion, and creating an image around his lifestyle. His new role will give him full control over all of those areas of the business and that's something Mirraco just couldn't offer him."

Nigel has made no allusions to where he's headed, saying only that he is "going to continue to win." If I wanted to, I could make the assumption that he's going to start "Winning" Bike Company with Charlie Sheen, but c'mon, it's Nigel and everything he does is going to be awesome and not about Friday night jokes from me.

Nigel went on to keep it classy and thanked Mirraco, Dave Mirra and everyone behind the brand for their support over the past six years. "I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dave Mirra, Jim Ford and the whole Mirraco staff. It's been an awesome ride for the past six years. I've had the opportunity to learn so much, and I'm truly grateful."

And now for another shocker -- Van Homan has left Orchid Footwear and moved over to the iPath BMX program, according to a very-telling photo seen at Agenda Tradeshow and posted on TheComeUP. Van joined Orchid as the brand's inception almost ten years ago, and remained a loyal team member through several versions of his signature shoe, including the Vandever 2 Mid, which remains one of my all-time favorite shoes to ride in.

Orchid has not posted the news of Van's departure, and the iPath BMX site hasn't been updated in almost a month. But we can only assume that more changes are in the pipeline for both iPath's BMX program and Orchid.

Time to head home now.