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Sunday, January 8, 2012
Updated: January 9, 12:42 PM ET
Life Extension extends

"There needs to be some new stuff in skating; it's been a while. We're down," says Nick Trapasso.

In August, former X Games Real Street winner Nick Trapasso made the decision to leave board sponsor Toy Machine and create his own company alongside friend Patrick Pasquale dubbed Life Extension skateboards. According to an ESPN interview with Trapasso after the split, Trapasso said, "I just want to do my own stuff for at least one company: make my own videos and graphics and have who I want on the team. It's gonna be tight."

Last week, Trapasso and Pasquale took the next step with their brand, partnering with Blitz Distribution for a multi-year licensing agreement. According to Blitz president Per Welinder, "We are thrilled about Nick Trapasso and Patrick Pasquale choosing Blitz as their partner to help building their company. Their presence will be felt as they add tremendous energy to the market and to Blitz and will very well compliment our select group of brands."

Trapasso had hinted at doing the brand from his own garage, but seems confident with the new agreement. "The Life Extention Skateboard Group looks forward to working together with Blitz, to create an essential skateboard brand. Extend it," said Trapasso.

No team announcements have yet been made yet. "It's just me and Pat for starters and then we're going to put some other fools on," said Trapasso in August.