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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Duff: Eli Manning's silent confidence a 'gut punch'

Eli Manning
Eli Manning might not have frontman charisma, but his silent confidence impresses our man Duff.

For how goofy and uncomfortable Eli Manning looks to be on the field, that dude has got to win the award for Most Quietly Confident for this entire season.

If Manning were a singer in a rock-'n'-roll band, he'd be the type that would be doing just strictly studio work. There would be no way that an always-image-conscious audience would back a singer as ungainly on stage as Manning telegraphs to us all from the field.

But he doesn't care. That is what I really like about this guy.

He is what punk rock was to mainstream rock in the '70s. What "grunge" was to hair-metal in the '90s. What old-school country is to modern country music. A punch in the gut.

No makeup and no offstage gimmickry. No B.S. and no frills. Just results and elation.

Eli. The "other" Manning. The one without so dang many commercials and way less national coverage. I sense that not having all of that big-time attention, in the end, is just fine and dandy with him.

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