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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Updated: January 25, 4:49 PM ET
Thigh high and dreamy

It was almost one year ago that a web video of a new man-made wave went viral. The Wavegarden from the European-based company, Instant, showed a perfect, thigh-high wave peeling through the Spanish countryside. Among the first to ride it were Jordy Smith, Bobby Martinez, Roy Powers, and Aritz Aranburu. There was potential here to change the man-made wave landscape quite dramatically.

Last week, in addition to releasing a new video that features recent ASP World Tour addition, Kolohe Andino, as well as Mick Fanning, Miguel Pupo, Owen Wright and Gabriel Medina ripping the now famous mini-left, came news that Instant has started construction of a new Wavegarden in the Basque Country of Spain.

Kolohe Andino on the Wavegarden left.

You have to admit, the eight-year-old getting barreled is pretty endearing.

The project, which boasts low environmental impact and an energy consumption average of only 350kwh, is gearing up to produce a wave that is about one foot bigger than the current one as well as a beginners' wave. It will be located just several miles inland from the France/Spain border. Instant projects completion by spring of this year.