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Friday, January 27, 2012
DEFT Family Gloves ($36)

By Chris Elliott

DEFT Family's Cataylst 2 glove in dipped red.

The DEFT Family have done it again. Just when you thought their glove line couldn't get any better, designer Logan Darien and friends drop a 2012 line that has gone above and beyond any expectations. But would you expect anything less from the family of athletes, artists and creative individuals inspired by the underground lifestyle?

Nate Adams and company have always been committed to bringing their fellow riders the highest quality of products combined with style. The 2012 line is no exception. With 13 different color ways and two designs available -- one with a velcro wrist strap (the Catalyst 2) and one without (the Artisan), there is a glove for everyone. And if you're in need of a glove that is both light and comfortable, then there is no way around it, you need DEFT gloves.

DEFT gloves comes in two different designs, with the Catalyst 2 being the more expensive of the two. Ringing in at around $33.95, the Catalyst 2 glove features an Airprene Velcro strap wrist enclosure. The Artisan, a slip-on glove without a wrist enclosure, is priced a little lower at $28.95. Both gloves come in many styles including the Dipped, Lucid, Proper as well as collaborations with Skull Candy and DC Shoes.

The DEFT Family Artisan 2 in blue/white.

We cannot stress how comfortable these gloves are. But the one thing to note is that both gloves have minimal protection. The trade off to that is a very light and unrestrictive design that will allow rider's hands to breathe well on hot sunny days. Not to mention, the glove's precise fit gives the rider comfort and does not bunch up in your palm. Your only problem might arise when picking out your favorite design.

The 2012 DEFT glove line is available now at any official DEFT Family retailer. You can also pick up the gloves directly from