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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Video -- Six Stair Super 8 Scraps

Enjoying a little downtime after delivering the second season of Jeff Grosso's "Loveletters to Skateboarding," filmmaker Coan "Buddy" Nichols found himself fishing through an archive of unpublished Super 8 footage stored on Hard Drive #18. What he reeled in is a big-guy session at the Upland Skatepark fullpipe and a few clips from various backyard and DIY spots.

When in doubt, scrap it out: These days, a lot of outtake footage is so good it deserves its own edit. And with the advancement of editing tools and online platforms, tons of great clips that traditionally would have wilted on the cutting room floor now routinely see the light of day. Says Nichols: "It's to the point where I can cut something like this pretty easily and send out a few emails. It gets posted and it's a good promo for [Six Stair], and then we see a lot of people coming to our site to watch our other videos."

The edit's opening session was filmed on a 1969 Nikon Super 8 camera and includes Peter Hewitt, Steve Alba, Lance Mountain, that guy known as Adam 12, and Darren Navarette. Tom Remillard and Jeff Grosso also make appearances.