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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Powder Awards

Tom Wallisch and Ingrid Backstrom won the Powder Magazine readers' poll.

The Powder Video Awards took place Wednesday night at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colo. Canadian film company Sherpas Cinema cleaned up at the annual gala, winning the awards for Best Editing, Best Natural Air, Best POV, Full Throttle and Best Film.

The night started with a moment of silence as a slideshow rolled honoring skiers who have passed away in the last year, including Kip Garre, Allison Kreutzen, Jamie Pierre, Ryan Hawks, and Sarah Burke.

Sorrow over Burke's unexpected passing was palpable throughout the evening. As Burke's long-time coach Trennon Paynter accepted her award for being voted second in the Powder Reader's Poll. "One thing that was always true about Sarah," he said with a bittersweet smile, "she didn't love coming second." And then in a moment of prescience, he added, "But she loved Ingrid [Backstrom], so she might have been okay with that [this time]."

Backstrom seconded that sentiment accepting her Reader's Poll win, saying, "This award is for Sarah. She was competitive in everything she did but she brought amazing grace to competing and everything she did."

Parker White won the Breakthrough Performance award for his segment in "After Dark," Level 1's 2011 film. "I didn't even know I was nominated," White mumbled from behind a ratty blond mane and a tan bucket hat while accepting his award. "Thank you very much folks!"

Sherpas Cinemas' film "All.I.Can" won best movie.

It was also a night for athletes to acknowledge their cameramen and the drawbacks of the job. When JF Houle accepted his Best Jib Award for a massive bomb drop and wallride in the Level 1 film "After Dark," he thanked his filmer, Drew Lederer and then said, "Urban is hard these days. You have to be creative and take a lot of risk."

While accepting his award for Best POV, JP Auclair also thanked Dave Mossop, the cinematographer who collaborated with him to produce his viral in-town ski scene from "All.I.Can." "This is my POV," Auclair said gesturing toward Mossop. Auclair went on to stress that the award-winning segment was a team effort.

Sherpas Cinema stressed the team element of ski filmmaking, bringing every crew member in attendance to the stage to accept their award for Best Film. "As a filmmaker I've dreamed of winning this award for a long time," said Mossop. "I can't believe it's happening."

2012 POWDER Awards Results

Reader Poll Top 10 Men
1. Tom Wallisch
2. Sean Pettit
3. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
4. Seth Morrison
5. Bobby Brown
6. Kye Petersen
7. Erik Roner
8. Tanner Hall
9. Eric Hjorleifson
10. Henrik Harlaut

Reader Poll Top 5 Women
1. Ingrid Backstrom
2. Sarah Burke
3. Kaya Turski
4. Grete Eliassen
5. Rachael Burks

Video Awards

Best Female Performance
Ingrid Backstrom in "Attack of La Niņa" (MSP Films)

Best Male Performance
Sean Pettit in Attack of La Niņa (MSP Films)

Breakthrough Performer
Parker White in "After Dark" (Level 1 Productions)

Best Natural Air
Kye Petersen in "All.I.Can." (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Manmade Air
"Nothing Else Matters" (Legs of Steel)

Full Throttle
Kye Petersen in "All.I.Can." (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Line
Dean Cummings in "The Steep Life" (Nick Bowie)

Best Jib
J.F. Houle in "After Dark" (Level 1 Productions)

Best Powder
Tobi Reindl, Paddy Graham, Thomas Hlawitschka, and Sven Kueenle in "Nothing Else Matters" (Legs of Steel)

Best POV
J.P. Auclair in "All.I.Can." (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Editing
"All.I.Can." (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Cinematography
"The Ordinary Skier" (1242 Productions)

Best Web Series
"Salomon Freeski TV" (Switchback Entertainment)

Best Documentary
The Freedom Chair (Switchback Entertainment)

Movie of the Year
"All.I.Can." (Sherpas Cinema)

Photo of the Year
Darcy Bacha's image of Sammy Carlson on Mount Hood, Ore.