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Thursday, February 2, 2012
Updated: February 14, 6:33 PM ET
La Nina ... La Nothing!

Did you think the Hawaiian season ended with the conclusion of the Vans Triple Crown in December? That's not the case, cuz. No, that was just the pupus. January is usually the main course.

This year is supposed to see a La Nina pattern, which makes everyone a little nervous. November and some of December were enough to make some Hawaiians doubt that this winter would give them "chicken skin" at all. But late January absolutely pumped. While we've been getting great reports from our new correspondent Ross Williams on the Volcom Pipe Pro, the entire North Shore has been getting the constant northwest Pacific pounding. In fact, the days that have been too big and while to run at Pipe, the other big wave magnets spots were electrifying.

This was also the week that Jamie O'Brien decided to try his new circus stunt at Pipe, doing a few board transfers from a soft-top to his Rusty. Now think back to the mid-90s, when Chris Ward blew our minds jumping off a longboard to his shortboard in San Clement. Well, while Ward had a decent showing at the Pipe Pro this week, O'Brien perfected the board transfer basically in the pocket of a Backdoor bomb. He then proceeded to get spit out of a cylinder that most mortals would call their barrel of the winter even without the step-off trickery. He also nailed one on a second reef Pipe bomb, as captured here by Terry Reis.

Next year, O'Brien plans to bring a tightrope and an elephant out there. And then there was all the traditional highlights of a North Shore winter swell -- giant caverns, outer reefs, and a busy emergency room at Wahiawa General Hospital. Plus, Waimea broke. This swell wasn't big enough to run the Eddie, but it certainly was plenty to bring the eyes of the world back to time honored big wave spot.

This is a 'moody' shot of Himalayas, and it's clear that Himalayas is in a bad mood.

As you know, John John Florence just added to his Pipeline pedigree with yet another win (that makes three including two Volcom Pipe Pros and Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.) Check Ross Williams' full story here. Despite whatever we may think about La Nina, the North Shore is about to get another solid dose of the good stuff for Monday. And you know as more boardbags start flying out of Honolulu, the boys are just getting warmed up.