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Thursday, February 16, 2012
Photo fun: What are the SEC coaches thinking?

SEC coaches

All 14 Southeastern Conference football coaches gathered at conference headquarters Thursday and posed for this awesome photo with commissioner Mike Slive.

Naturally, this made Page 2 wonder what each coach was thinking when the flash popped:

Nick Saban, Alabama: "This is a @$&#*!% joke. I should be sitting front and center."

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M: "I really don't want to see Will's Camaro, but I guess I have to because he keeps asking me."

Will Muschamp, Florida: "Leather casual for the win. You're looking good, Will. You're looking damn good."

Gene Chizik, Auburn: "Whoops. I think I took too many pain pills for my shoulder. I wonder which of the three cameras I should be looking into."

Mike Slive, SEC commish: "I make a million dollars a year."

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State: "Yes! MSU is above Ole Miss. I love it. I'm sending this to every recruit in the state."

James Franklin, Vanderbilt: "Only one with glasses. Yep, we're the smart ones at Vandy."

Mark Richt, Georgia: "Who's the nerd with the glasses?"

Joker Phillips, Kentucky: "Go ahead, cameraman. Say, 'Hey, Joker, for a Joker you sure don't smile much,' one more time. See what happens."

Gary Pinkel, Missouri: "Ha-ha! Eat it, Big 12. This is totally going to be my Christmas card this year."

Les Miles, LSU: "Perfect. It's going to be really easy to crop Nick out of this photo."

Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: "Uhh ... what is on my back?"

Hugh Freeze, Mississippi: "I'm new here. Are we doing folded hands? That's how we did our photos in the Sun Belt Conference."

Bobby Petrino, Arkansas: "Look at this idiot with his hands folded."

Derek Dooley, Tennessee: "Come on, come on. Hurry up and take the picture. I could get fired at any moment."

Have your own punch line for one of the coaches? Share your wit, and post it to the comments section.