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Friday, February 17, 2012
S&M Bicycles pro Cam Wood profile

A few months ago, ESPN Brazil produced a profile on one of my personal favorites, Salt Lake City's own Cameron Wood. For a few years, when DVDs still ruled and there was an S-Luck trip in every other Props, Cam consistently amazed me with his unique eye for street spots and his ability to keep it fun (while still pulling some crazy tricks.) After Leland Thurman got in trouble for taking too many work days off at UPS, the days of crazy S-luck video sections faded into memory. But Cam remains on the scene and continues to do his own thing. He's got a new part in the recently release Utah video "Killjoy" and he runs his own BMX shop known as the Wood Shop. In the above video, Cam invites us into his shop and to his trails in SLC. Video by ESPN Brazil.