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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Maryeve Dufault models to finance racing dreams

Maryeve Dufault
Maryeve Dufault has modeled on "The Price Is Right," in Maxim, and on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

As a model on "The Price Is Right," Maryeve Dufault would smile, bend her knees and gesture to the right as Bob Barker belted out something like, "A brand new car!" Then she'd strut to the other side of the car, maybe lean up against it, smile and gesture again.

Truth is, though, she'd rather have been driving the brand new car than presenting it to the stay-at-home dads, night workers and hung over college students watching at home.

Dufault's modeling career, from America's favorite game show to an episode of "Entourage" to the August 2011 issue of Maxim, is what she's most famous for, but she didn't move to the U.S. from Quebec to become a model.

She came here to be a race car driver.

"I hate that, when people turn it around," says Dufault, 30, who competed in 14 ARCA races last year and raced in the Montreal NASCAR Nationwide Series race in August. "Some people might say it's bad because people think you just want to be a model and it's a bad image for female racers. Well, if it's a bad image, would you like to pay for my racing? Would you like to handle my budget?"

Dufault wants to follow the path led by NASCAR's most famous female driver, Danica Patrick, who she met in 2004. A full-time racer with a devoted sponsor ( and some respect on the race track is exactly who Dufault wants to be, and she'll do almost anything to achieve it.

She's been in love with racing since her motorcycle-racing father put her on a motorbike when she was 4 years old. Her childhood, with her father and older brother racing motorcycles, consisted of competing on go-karts, motocross bikes and snowmobiles.