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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Adam Jones: "I want to be on top this year"

Currently on the Nuclear Cowboyz tour, Adam Jones signed a deal with Osiris shoes earlier ths year and is ready to return to the FMX comp circuit.

With more than a decade of FMX experience, multiple X Games medals and three consecutive years on the Nuclear Cowboyz tour, it's safe to say that Reno, Nev. FMX pro Adam Jones isn't going away anytime soon. In a sport where sponsors help make the wheels go round, it's always good to have the right support. And earlier this year, Jones added a new name to his bikes: Osiris Shoes. He joins the likes of Ronnie Faisst, Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Wes Agee on the FMX pro team, meaning his kicks will always be looking fresh. In between stops of the Nuclear Cowboyz, I had a chance to catch up with Adam about the downsized riding crew in Nevada, adding Osiris as a sponsor and his plans for later in the year. How is 2012 treating you?
Jones: So far 2012 has been great, I've re-signed with all the same companies as last year, and also joined the Osiris team. My riding has felt great so far this year and I'm pumped to have a shoe deal. So far so good!

The Nuclear Cowboyz is in full affect. How long will that tour be going on for?
I believe there's 13 stops this year and we have already finished a bunch.

I know that a lot of the Nevada crew has moved out. Do you have any plans to relocate yourself?
I wish it were that easy for me! I would definitely like to move somewhere since there is next to no one left to ride with up there, but the situation gets more difficult having a wife and kids. My mom moved up to Carson a few years ago, my wife's whole family lives there, and Skyler is in school also. Switching schools and moving to somewhere that we would have zero babysitters isn't very appealing to us, but it's still something we have been talking about a little bit.

Do you still have a FMX compound to ride at everyday now that Dustin Miller's house is gone?
I have a place that I am going to build, but the problem is that we haven't had any rain lately, so the ground is way too dry to build anything for quite a while. I'm not in a huge hurry -- this time of year I'm pretty content with only riding two long days a week on tour.

You just became a member of the Osiris team, how is it being a part of their team?
So far it's been great, they have sent me plenty of great product and made big efforts right off the bat to try and do photo shoots to get content of me. Unfortunately the weekend we tried to do it was the windiest weekend in So Cal history, but the guys were super cool and understanding and didn't push me to do something I was uncomfortable with, like trying to ride in an overly windy situation.

Are you still on the two stroke or will you be making the jump to a four stroke?
I think for this year I will stick it out on the two strokes. After having surgery last year I didn't feel I had the time I needed to buy new bikes, get them ready and get completely comfortable on them before Nuclear Cowboyz started, so I decided to hold off.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Practice hard and turn in some results! I'd like to maybe get back in a foam pit soon and maybe learn a new trick or two. I want to be on top this year. I want to stay in the gym and keep my body strong, and I just want to have a good year with good finishes.