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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
The week in review for BMX Web videos

When Nathan Williams signed with etnies, he ventured into the STI Labs, where etnies realized how tough Nathan was on his shoes as a result of not riding brakes. They decided to develop a new sole that featured dual densities -- tough in the front and back for stopping, softer in the middle for ample pedal grip. The result is Nathan's first shoe with etnies, The Brake. That shoe is now available, and to celebrate, etnies released this insane promo from Nathan that is probably going to make all of us in BMX land buy his shoe. Check it above.

Dave McDermott's section from the recent Skavenger DVD was my immediate favorite as soon as I watched it. Dave has a unique eye for spots and doesn't over-trick anything. This remains one of the sections I still want to watch before riding.

Stevie Churchill will save us.

Fit's Eddie Cleveland has flown under the radar the past few years due to back injuries. He still manages to ride, and he also works on motorcycles in the Los Angeles area. Prior to the Fit Mexico trip, Fit spent a typical day with Eddie, and he's still got it. I'd say that over the past decade, Eddie has produced some of the most stylish street riding to date, and that's something I'll never get tired of watching.

Another epic section from Van Homan, this one via the "Stay Fit" DVD that was released just before that whole Fit/Cult thing. It's a Homan section, that is all you need to know to watch it.

Normally, I don't buy into the signature fork thing. I mean, how much different can you make a fork. But Chris Doyle can do no wrong, and his new Demolition fork promo is something I definitely buy into.

Lee Hopkins for Bone Deth. One time Lee came to Jersey City, and in the span of a weekend, met a women, moved in with her, and planned on leaving Boston for good. I don't know what ever happened with him and that girl, but his riding continues to progress.

Ten years ago, before four pegs was the flavor of the month, Vinnie Sammon was doing everything now popular for "Shine Video Magazine." These are leftovers that Animal posted just a few days ago.

The BSD section from Props' "Megatour 10" video is ridiculous.

Hoffman's own Jeremie Infelise left Snafu several months ago to ride for Colony's new parts brand Division, and this edit is Jeremie's first offering from the company. Jeremie's tastes have turned to street in the past few years, and this video is a surefire sign of his progression on the streets of OKC.

And finally, Shane Weston wins this week in web videos with the above video from Fly Bikes.