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Friday, February 24, 2012
Updated: February 26, 2:20 PM ET
2012 NBA All-Star Game Scorecard: Dunk Contest

2012 NBA All-Star


Grades by John Hollinger

Chase BudingerSF | Houston Rockets
His opening dunk over Diddy was pretty nice -- he had to time the catch, jump over the guy and plant the dunk. Things descended rapidly from there, however. The second windmill dunk was ho-hum, and the Cedric Ceballos blindfold tribute dunk even more blatantly transparent than the original -- complete with a fake "miss" at the start.
Jeremy EvansSF | Utah Jazz
His first dunk was so lame that Andre Iguodala folded over the 1 on his "10" sheet to give him a zero. However, the second one, slamming two balls simultaneously after they were tossed in the air by a seated Gordon Hayward, was spectacular -- both original and skillful, one of the best we've seen in the competition. The Karl Malone tribute dunk at the end was harder than it looked, too -- he got some serious elevation on that.
Paul GeorgeSG | Indiana Pacers
The laser-tag dunk was silly, and the dunk over Roy Hibbert and Dahntay Jones was OK but nothing great -- he was trying to dunk it off a pass at first and couldn't, and when he finally got it down he still whacked Hibbert in the back of the head. His best of the night was the Larry Bird tribute dunk, which unfortunately took him a few tries. But slapping the board on one side and then spinning to the other for a dunk is something only a few people on this planet can do.
Derrick WilliamsF | Minnesota Timberwolves
Jumped over a shark, er, bike for his first dunk to set the tone for the evening. Another Derrick would say whoop de damn do to that. Williams' second dunk was his best -- he teamed with Ricky Rubio for an off-the-side-of-the-backboard, 360 dunk that was pretty sweet. And his last dunk would have been neat if he pulled it off, but he never even got close. I saw Chris Douglas-Roberts try the same thing in the D-League dunk contest earlier Saturday and he couldn't do it either.