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Monday, March 5, 2012
Primo revamps team, product range

The new Primo BMX site is now live.

Looks like the Primo team is getting a makeover for 2012. No longer listed on the team's website are Josh Stricker, Brian Foster, John Heaton and Kurtis Elwell. Current U.S. team riders, according to the new Primo BMX website, include Tony Neyer, Bobby Simmons, E-man Cantero, Anthony Flores, Lee Dennis, Sam Lowe and Jackson Ratima (who was recently added and featured in a new Welcome to the team edit here.)

According to a Facebook post from Stricker last week, "Primo and I have parted ways. Got a sick new Animal kit. A door gets shut, you open a new one. Life goes on and some things make you excited more than others." Stricker leaves behind signature pedals and grips, and alluded to filming for the next Animal video.

Primo did not announce the team changes outside of Ratima joining, but did make note that changes are underway and that they are now tweeting under the BMXPrimo handle. The brand has also streamlined the product line to accommodate the team changes. Stricker's pedal and grips are no longer included in the range, and surprisingly, Primo has no grips listed on the website.

Currently, Stricker and Foster have confirmed their departures from the team. John Heaton was unavailable for comment, and Kurtis Elwell has posted nothing but photos of birds on his Facebook wall for the past two months. His section from Primo's 2009 video "Nice Try" has stood the test of time quite nicely though.

Since the early '90s, Primo has offered some of most durable components in BMX, including the V-Monster tire, the Powerbite cranks, the Gorilla headset cup and signature grips from the likes of Taj Mihelich, Corey Martinez, Brian Foster, Ian Morris, Chad Degroot, Robbie Morales and Joe Rich. Riders that have passed through the halls of Primo include the above, in addition to Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Edwin De La Rosa, Josh Heino, Jay Miron and Brian Castillo. Yes, you might say that Primo is a bit of a legacy brand at this point.