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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Silvester Eduardo, no longer "Doogie"

Silvester Eduardo, kickflip tailslide (left), and squeezing his head into a 5boro hoodie (right).

2012 has been good to the 18-year-old 5boro Skateboards flow trash from Fort Lee, N.J., Silvester Eduardo. In the last few months he's picked up key sponsors: 5boro, NJ Skateshop, etnies, Venture and Bones. He dropped a welcome part for NJ Skateshop, got some tricks in the new 5boro video, dropped a shared Venture commercial with Danny Falla, and in a few months from now, he'll graduate high school and be ready to go out into the world and really take the skate game by storm. In the short time I've known him he's proven to be one of the nicest, most humble, down to earth kids I've come across in a long time. And once he shakes those flaws, I think he'll do just fine for himself. How did you get on 5boro?
Eduardo: I used to skate around the city a lot and I'd see Steve Rodriguez at events all the time. Some of my friends that used to throw events a lot were like, "Yo, check out this kid. You might want to put him on." I kept seeing Steve every once in a while and he liked the way I skated. One day 5boro filmer Tombo Colabraro approached me and asked if I wanted to go skate. We ended up skating a bunch of weekends together and things just went from there.

5boro is known for torturing the flow trash and rightfully so. Did they mess with you at the beginning?
They were nice at the beginning because they reel you in. They're nice at first but then they start messing with you. They got to make sure that you're cool and then they're like, "Yeah, I know he can take it, so I'm going to mess with him." Now it's endless jokes. One thing they always joke with me about is that they all think I'm really cocky. They always say, "Yeah, we need to resize the sweatshirt hood size because they don't even fit Doogie anymore with his big head."

Why do they think you're cocky?
I don't know. They will say whatever gets under your skin. I hope to not be that way and I don't want to be that way. By joking about it they know it gets to me, so they just mess with me about it constantly.

How did you get that nickname, Doogie?
You know that show, "Doogie Howser M.D."? And you know how little kids have big foreheads? Or they look like they have big foreheads? Well, I have an older brother and older sister and my older sister called me Doogie one day and it stuck for 14 years. They probably called me that for the first time when I was 4. And it just stuck.

Skateboard nicknames suck. You were smart enough to lose the Doogie nickname. What prompted that?
People would come up to be and be like, "Doogie? That's your real name?" And I was getting tired of that and then Steve one day was like, "You need to think about if you want people to call you that for the rest of your life." From that point on I tried to make it a point to introduce myself by my full name. Now it's starting to switch over a little bit.

Did your parents name you Silvester after that zany Looney Tunes cat?
No, it's my grandpa's name on my dad's side.

Did they name you Eduardo after ... someone named Eduardo?
No, man. That's just my dad's last name.

You had a break out month with your tricks in the 5boro "Join or Die" video and your Venture commercial. Everyone seems psyched. What's your take on it?
Because 5boro is the first real video I've ever had footage in I didn't know what to expect. Also, 5boro hadn't put out a video in a long time and Took [Joe Tookmanian] and [Willy] Akers went pro and things were changing at 5boro so it was a completely new experience for me. I didn't know what to expect but now that I see that people are taking the whole video in positively, it makes me happy because I know those guys all put a lot of work into the video. For it to just pass over would have just been an understatement to all the work they put into it.

What did you think about your tricks?
I thought it was alright. It was cool that the first line of my part was the first thing I ever filmed with Tombo. That was the first day we skated together so it's cool to have that there to remember that day.

Your stuff was a little short, are you sitting on a grip of other footage?
Yeah, me and Tombo and the 5boro crew are working on some other stuff and that's going to come out hopefully in the spring. It's going to be some HD footage.

Aside from that, what else do you have planned for 2012?
Graduate from high school, put out that part in spring, try to travel more and meet more of the sponsors and team managers in Cali.

Lastly, you're the newest in a long line of great skaters from New Jersey. Who is your favorite skater from Jersey?
Wow, there's so many. But I would have to say Took. He's just so good. He's one of those guys who when you see skate in person, it changes your life. It's just unreal to watch firsthand.