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Monday, March 12, 2012
Updated: March 16, 2:55 AM ET
Introducing Cayla Moore

Cayla Moore
Cayla Moore, the big winner as Bruce Irons and Ian Walsh award her the big "priceless" check.

Honolulu's Cayla Moore, 14, captured the biggest win of her young surfing career at Ian Walsh's 9th Annual Menehune Mayhem at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui. The victory in the 12-14 Girls division was no walk in the park for the younger sister of reigning ASP Women's World Champ Carissa Moore. This was Cayla's first time surfing at Ho'okipa -- a wave on the eastside of Maui known for its challenging conditions.

"Going to a new spot I was kind of intimidated and scared, but I just got everything together, went out in my heats and came out with the win so I'm stoked and happy," said Cayla, who traveled from Oahu to Maui with the Kamehameha School Surf Team for the event. "This is my first time winning a big contest. I usually get second or third. It's cool that I got to come to a new spot and do well."

Moore and six other team members from the Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Camp came to train with the Kamehameha Schools Maui campus surf team members. Led by Imaikalani DeVault, 14, the Maui natives helped the kids from Oahu learn the ropes of Ho'okipa.

"Ho'okipa is known for being windy and hard to surf waves," said Imaikalani DeVault, who finished second place in the Boys 14-15 division.

"Before the contest they took us out and showed us where to go and stuff, even though it was kind of big, but with the DeVaults and the other Maui kids showing us around, it made me feel more comfortable because they would show us where to sit and help us out, too," explained Cayla. "I never talked to Imai [DeVault] before and he's pretty cool. His little sister is really cool."

Imai's sister, Kawai DeVault, is in eighth grade at Kamehemeha Maui and was the runner-up behind Moore. The Kamehameha teams met up at Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem for team building and to train for National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) National Championships in June. Both Kamehameha campuses compete as one squad at NSSA Nationals, and have been the only school representing Hawaii the past two years.

The Mayhem was a successful team-building exercise for the Kamehameha Surf Team, but not so much training for Southern California because the waves were bombing at Ho'okipa.

"It's probably six-feet solid, a north/northeast swell with 30 mph trade winds: 'Maui Glass,'" said Ian Walsh about the conditions during the event. He grew up surfing at Ho'okipa and organizes this free event as a way to give back to his community and "stoke out" the groms.

 Imaikalani DeVault
Imaikalani DeVault, a rising star on Maui.

In addition to rewarding athletic performances at the grom contest, Walsh, who graduated from King Kekaulike as valedictorian, also gives out awards for academic excellence. Cayla Moore was one of six kids to win an award for her 3.9 GPA.

"I think academics are a big part of it," said Walsh. "School is something [groms] take with them throughout their whole lives. It was something that was always super important to me -- that I grew up with, through my parents and brothers. So I just want to reward them. Some of the best prizes I have in this whole event are for the highest GPA. You can see after nine years that kids are just striving for that point to get to that GPA where they win a board, an iPod or something fun."

Boys 9-under: 1) Alex Rosenthal; 2) Eli Hanneman; 3) Tony Nunez; 4) Levi Young
Boys 10+11: 1) Marco Rista; 2) Logan Bediatmol; 3) Ethan Bediamol; 4) Payce Durea
Girls 11-under: Daize Kinoshita; 2) Lehwa DeVault; 3) Ashley Nielson; 4) Emmy Hughes
Boys 12-13: 1) Cody Youmg; 2) Monte Grant; 3) Ean Kimmel; 4) Kala Willard
Girls 12-14: 1) Cayla Moore; 2) Kawai DeVault; 3) Sophia Johnston; 4) Aloha Lopez
Boys 14-15: 1) Chaz Kinoshita; 2) Imaikalani DeVault; 3) Miles Serifica; 4) Tristan Hope
Girls 15-17: 1) Sierra Larsen; 2) Kulia Doherty; 3) Seren Connison; 4) Tashoa Jahrmarkt
Boys 16-17: 1) Dylan Walsh; 2) Justice Patao; 3) Kaimana Kinimaka; 4) Tyler Larronde

Memorial Awards:
Tristan Turtle Brennan Memorial Award: Cayden Flores
Sion Milosky Memorial Award: Lehiwa DeVault
Eric Diaz Memorial Award: Kala Willard
Steve Cooney Memorial Award: Jackson Bunch
Andy Irons Memorial Award: Christian Dias Olson
Justin Roberson Memorial Award: Kai Grissom

GPA Awards:
Logan Bediamol 4.0
Cody young 4.0
Miles Serafica 3.7

Tasha Jahmarkt 4.1
Cayla Moore: 3.9
Shophia Johnson 3.6