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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Amateur Hour -- Dan Lutheran

Dan Lutheran is going places, including South America to film for Vans.

Toy Machine/Vans am Daniel Lutheran is going places. The current Long Beach, Calif. resident is one of the most positive, down to earth and honest guys I have ever met, and if you happen to meet him, I can guarantee that you will automatically love him. It's only a matter of time before Daniel Lutheran rules the world, so before he arrives at that point, we decided to sit him down for a one-on-one chat. Introducing Dan Lutheran. How was your first international trip to The Canary Islands?
Lutheran: It was sick, it was eye opening and it was epic. Beyond epic -- that's what I think. People were great, spots were great. Just all in all an epic adventure.

Who was the crew?
It was me and Greg Hunt that came from America and we met up with Chris Pfanner and two other skate friends Antonio and Julian.

What is there to skate on the Canary Islands?
There are a bunch of sculptures over there that we skated and looked at. Pretty much just a bunch of beautiful parks and your average sets of stairs. It's hard to explain but they had a bunch of plazas and everything is made of tile.

Would you ever go back or want to bring your family over there?
Yeah for sure I would. I would like that actually. Nothing was sketchy. It was just a super nice place so I would really like to go back with the family one day.

Where are you headed to next?
This month we are going to Chili and Brazil on a Vans trip for the Vans video, South America style.

What do you think South America is like?
It could be similar to the Canary Islands but with maybe a Spanish touch to everything? It's different culture right? I'd imagine it's sunny, maybe a beach with a drink with a tiny umbrella out of the top?

Smith grind as seen from above.

You're close but add a lot more of sketchy.
Yeah yeah okay for sure. I like to pretend nothing is sketchy though.

Where do you want to travel to next out of the county if you had to choose?
I would love to go to Australia. Australia please!

I hear your baby brother is getting gnarly, what are the chances that you and Drew Lutheran might one day travel the world together just skating.
The chances are 100%! That's going to happen for sure. He's been nailing it. If we have to we will do it on our own.

What advice would you give Drew Lu right now?
Keep your roots and kickstand all over the world.

What projects are you working on right now?
I'm working on a interview with Skateboarder and another interview with TransWorld. Video wise, I'm working on a Toy Machine video and a skateboard movie with Vans.

What will come out first?
My Skateboarder interview will be out soon, then the TWS , then maybe the Toy video and then the Vans video.

Who's going to be a shocker in the Toy video?
Right now I would say Johnny Layton.

Do you have any good Collin Provost stories you would like to share?
Yeah. I got a lot of great provost stories.

Long 50-50 from Lutheran.

Give me something.
I know of a story where Collin was chilling with us at the house. I guess he got locked out of our house, so he's locked out all night for hours. He claims he was yelling up at us for hours on end trying to get back in. I heard someone climb up to our window super late and start banging really loud. I got up and looked out and it was Collin. I went in the living room and Marquis Preston was passed out on our couch and could have opened the door the whole time but he didn't hear Collin knocking the entire time. Collin is beyond mad, and I'm confused. I didn't ever hear about it again, I think he was just hyped to be back inside his apartment.

Are you sure you guys didn't hear him knocking?
Dude, I'm positive, I thought he left. Marquis had to have heard him though.

We'll forget about it. Who's going rule in the Vans video?
Gilbert Crockett is going to rule and Chima [Ferguson] is gonna kill it man.

What's the positive word of the day from Mr. Lutheran?
Get free. Just let yourself get free.