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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Appelo: "I have an elbow made of steel"

Creature's Devin Appelo in Portland, Ore.

Is Devin Appelo the man of steel? He's taken some of the biggest drops I've ever seen and just keeps on going, without regard for bodily harm. Following Creature's win in TransWorld's Skate and Create series and a recent cover shot on TransWorld Skateboarding, we recently caught up with the Portland, Ore. resident to see what goes into his approach to massive drops, as well was what to expect from the upcoming Creature video. Devin, There is a rumor going around that you have knees made of steel?
Appelo: No, I just have a elbow made of steel. I think I've had real good luck with my knees so far. No steel.

How does it feel to take all those massive drops without any extra support? What's the secret?
I just try and land on my board as much as possible and not try the trick that many times. I try and keep it down to ten tries or under.

Do you have a permanent heel bruise?
No, I think my body has gotten immune to them. I haven't had a heel bruise in a long time. Knock on wood.

I know these question suck to answer, but have you ever had any knee damage from the type of skating you do?
Not really and I hope this does not jinx me. I kinda tweaked my knee a week ago trying to snowboard but it stopped hurting so I guess it's okay.

Bump to feeble grind in the PDX.

Any back pain?
Man with all these injury questions, I hope karma doesn't come and get me. I did fall off a roof the other day skating and landed on my lower back and it hurts a little right now.

Do you go to a chiropractor once a week?
Oh man I wish. The are expensive and I'm broke. Also the last time I was in there, they wouldn't work on me because I have a hyper mobile floating rib that they didn't want to screw up anymore.

Would you or Creature be down to release all of your bails to show everyone how you get out of all of those gnarly roof top bails?
Yeah I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem, I'll see what I can do.

Who do you think skates the gnarliest gaps and drops besides yourself?
Jaws [Aaron Homoki] and [Andrew] Reynolds come to mind first.

Creature won TransWorld's Skate and Create this year, how was that?
Oh it was fun and stressful. Lots of trying to meet up with people and figuring out what to skate and how to skate it, but I guess it worked out pretty well in the end.

Did you know you got the cover of TWS or was it a surprise?
No, I didn't know. I had no idea at all, I wasn't at the awards so I found out through my friend Willis. He texted me and I thought he was messing with me.

Tre flip, minus heel bruises or back pain.

What was the best thing about being on Skate and Create?
Pretty much building stuff to skate without spending your own money. That's pretty rad.

Is there another Creature video in the works?
I think there is because that's where my footage has been going. I just need to film some some lines since I suck at getting those. I also need a good ender and that should do it.

What about a Devin Appelo pro model in the works for 2012?
We will see after the Creature video comes out. I have no clue but that would be pretty cool though.

What's next for Devin Appelo in 2012?
If the world doesn't end, hopefully a lot more skating.