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Friday, March 23, 2012
Warm-up session at Cherry Park

Eric Lichtenberger in Long Beach. Launch Gallery »

Cherry Skatepark is located at the intersection of Cherry St. and Broadway in Long Beach, Calif. It's formally known as Bixby Park and is only a couple blocks from the ocean and downtown Long Beach. Since Long Beach has been rechristened as a BMX hot spot over the past few years, Cherry Park has become the most popular warm up and meet up spot. On any given day you can find pro BMXers and skateboarders riding there. During my recent visit to Long Beach, I found myself there a few times, before going out and shooting street stuff. There's not much to the park, so I would always keep my camera in my bag. But one morning, I was there with Shane Weston, Kevin Porter, Bobby Altiser, Eric Lichtenberger and Tony Neyer. The session quickly turned from a quick warm-up, to these dudes throwing down and I couldn't resist getting the camera out and taking pictures.