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Friday, March 30, 2012
Athletes show Mega Millions mania on Twitter

In case you missed it, Mega Millions tickets are all the rage right now. The jackpot has reached a world-record $640 million, and the figure could go even higher before the 11 p.m. EST drawing. If you've sprung a few dollars on it, you certainly aren't alone. The odds of hitting the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 176 million, but that hasn't stopped many pro-athletes from buying a ticket or two, too …

I'm about to drop 10000 on the lottery and cross my fingers #halfwaytoabillionaireifiwin

— Chris Singleton (@C_SING31) March 28, 2012

#IfIWonTheLottoIWould buy my mom her Porsche, my dad his house on a golf course, pay my brothers loans,then.... Yes we bought 5 tickets!

— Cat Osterman (@catosterman) March 30, 2012

If u didn't or don't plan on get a lottery ticket today for that mega millions you're a...........ok, Nevermind lol

— Lance Moore (@LanceMoore16) March 30, 2012

I want to know who all is in the mega millions sweepstakes tonight because I am

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) March 30, 2012

I think I'm playing the lotto tonight. Lol

— Justin Tuck (@JustinTuckNYG91) March 30, 2012

I was just asked if I hit the Jackpot would I stop playing and I said Hell no do you know how bored I was during the lockout?

— Shawne Merriman (@shawnemerriman) March 30, 2012