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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Updated: April 4, 3:09 AM ET
MLS bans Dallas' Jair Benitez 1 game

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Jair Benitez of FC Dallas has been suspended for one game by MLS, and D.C. United's Danny Cruz has been fined over their confrontation in a game on Friday.

The league said Tuesday that Benitez was guilty of "violent conduct that endangered the safety of his opponent" when he swung his elbow at Cruz in the 71st minute of United's 4-1 victory. Cruz, who flopped to the ground holding his nose, was fined an undisclosed amount for "embellishment."

United's Brandon McDonald also was suspended for one game for a reckless tackle in the 20th minute.

Also suspended for one game is Atiba Harris of Vancouver for elbowing an opponent in the head in the 65th minute of a 0-0 tie with Philadelphia on Saturday.