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Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Updated: April 5, 5:28 PM ET
Inside Alistair Whitton's Pa. home

Alistair Whitton on home turf. Launch Gallery »

In the year 2000, a young Alistair Whitton traveled from his home in Chester, U.K. to Woodward Camp in central Pennsylvania. Alistair stayed at camp for three months during the summer, entered his first pro contest while there, and hasn't looked back since. For the better part of the last decade and beyond, Alistair has remained on the BMX scene, first as a vested part of the original MacNeil BMX team, and now as a husband, father and full-time Woodward Camp resident. He also remains a member of the Vans, Rockstar Energy and Shadow Conspiracy teams. On a recent trip to Woodward, Alistair invited us over to give the grand tour of his new home, and who are we to say no to anyone with an indoor bouncy castle. Welcome to Alistair Whitton's house.