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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Updated: April 7, 2:44 PM ET
Racers, FMXers join forces in Temecula

Pro racers and FMXers join forces for a freeride day in Temecula. Launch Gallery »

Once again, the skies above Temecula, Calif. were kind enough to grace us with a solid day of rain. With every rain drop that hits the ground, you know without a shadow of a doubt, that the riding is going to be epic for one more time before the end of the rainy season. Being hurt, I knew it was not going to be fun for me watching all of the Instagram and Twitter posts come in. Though I think I was put on a bike to share my passion for filming and riding in the hills, it's tough for me to sit back and watch. I am glad that some of my best friends are out in the hills holding it down for me though. In my opinion, riding natural terrain riding is what we wait for all year. It's the camaraderie between the racers and FMXers that is nothing short of magic. And when you put the likes of Carey Hart, Jeremy Stenberg, Jeremy McGrath, Broc Tickle and Darryn Durham together in the hills, you get a chemistry that no amount of money can buy. These are the times that the mantra "Ride to live, Live to ride" is in full effect. Welcome to the latest Temecula freeride session.