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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Bob Haro to release limited edition bike

Bob Haro is back in BMX business this summer with the release of a new limited edition BMX freestyle bike.

In 1993, BMX freestyle originator and owner/creator of the Haro Bicycles brand, left the brand to pursue his passion for design and brand marketing. Founded in 1978 by Haro, Haro Bicycles was one of the early innovators in the field of BMX freestyle design and innovation. Haro began by creating BMX number plates at his home, and eventually branched out to create innovative BMX frames, components and complete bicycles that were represented by top names in the sport, including Mat Hoffman, Mike Dominguez and Ron Wilkerson.

After leaving Haro Bicycles, Bob Haro founded Haro Design and became a creative force alongside brands such as Oakley, Nike, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati Motorcycles. Although he dipped his toe into the BMX spotlight from time to time throughout the years since leaving Haro Bicycles, Bob Haro was no longer a driving force in the continued progression of BMX technology. He had moved on, but his appreciation and legacy within BMX circles remained.

Bob Haro at the height of his career in the early '80s. Haro designed the first BMX bike for freestyle in 1982.

Now, as the 30th anniversary of the sport and lifestyle Haro created approaches, Bob Haro is paying tribute to the sport he pioneered with his new Ikonix limited edition 30th anniversary BMX Freestyle bike. Drawing on a legacy of design and performance, these bikes will serve as a tribute to thirty years of BMX freestyle innovation and style. Haro is releasing 540 premium-crafted bikes in the summer of 2012.

"2012 marks three decades since I created the first bike for freestyle riding. I'm still a BMXer at heart, so I am proud and amazed by where other riders have taken it over the years," said Haro. "From the days of Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman to current phenoms like Dennis Enarson and Nigel Sylvester, what an incredible experience to see what was once considered a rogue sport when I was a kid now be embraced as a legitimate and exhilarating sport by the X Games, Dew Tour, and millions of riders and fans around the world."

Haro has not released photos of the bike, but has created a website and a Facebook page in the meantime. Once released, the item is sure to be a sought after collectible, with or without a double top tube.