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Thursday, April 19, 2012
Nike pro Dennis Enarson breaks femur

One day before his 21st birthday, Dennis Enarson broke his femur.

According to reports from Twitter, Nike's Dennis Enarson broke his femur yesterday while filming a double truckdriver at a San Diego area skatepark. "Before Dennis fell today, he managed to film three of the wildest skatepark moves I've seen in a while," said friend and roommate Christian Rigal via Twitter.

The injury happened one day before his 21st birthday. Rigal added that Enarson was "cracking jokes" after the fall, which will likely keep Enarson off the bike for three to six months as his femur heals. (The injury will keep Enarson off his bike and in recovery for three to six months, not his ability to crack jokes, which Dennis is quite good at.)

"Today we're sending "Happy Birthday" wishes out to Dennis Enarson, who just hit 21. Unfortunately, we're also sending "get well soon" wishes, because he fractured his femur riding last night," said Nike BMX via Facebook.

Enarson was qualified to ride street at X Games Asia 2012 in Shanghai, China from April 8 through May 2, and will unfortunately miss the contest. As for the remainder of Enarson's season, it's too early to speculate. Femur breaks are a very serious injury and recovery times can vary depending on the severity of the break.

Last July at X Games 17, Big Air competitor Chad Kagy broke his femur during competition and referred to the pain experienced after the break as "the most ridiculous thing I've ever gone through." Kagy remained off his bike for 12 weeks and has since returned to riding vert, park and MegaRamp.