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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Athletes react to Vilma suspension

Current and former players reacted with some harsh words on Twitter as news spread that Jonathan Vilma was suspended for the entire 2012 season for his role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty system. Three other players also received suspensions, but not as long as Vilma's.

I was standing right next 2 @jonvilma51 when he found out abt his suspension ON @SportsCenter. Really? He has to find out about it that way?

— Chase Daniel (@ChaseDaniel) May 2, 2012

Ridiculous, and nobody really sees why the punishments have been so severe over the past 3 4years! Lawsuits and 18 games???

— James Harrison (@jharrison9292) May 2, 2012

I feel for u J.Vilma! Goodell not the entire season! We only get a average of 3years to play and u have taken a entire season from a man.

— Derrick Mason (@deemason85) May 2, 2012

Man these Suspensions are outrageous! I'm honestly speechless about how all of this has played out. Something needs to be done about this!!

— Reggie Bush (@reggie_bush) May 2, 2012

I bet you won't find one NFL Player who agrees with these suspensions

— Reggie Bush (@reggie_bush) May 2, 2012

Despite Bush's assertion, some current and former players did agree with the punishment. Others did not approve of the behavior, but did not agree with the season-long suspension, either.

I think the discipline handed down by the commissioner is just. The message Vilma and company sent is not one I want my children learning.

— Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) May 2, 2012

Although I understand NFL increasing safety measures Making a guy sit out an entire year without pay is a little too much.

— Willie Anderson (@WillAnderson79) May 2, 2012

I dont agree with vilma but I can promise you he isnt the first person to place money on an injury..he just got caught saying it!

— Travis Beckum (@TravisBeckum47) May 2, 2012

10K in cash to knock Brett Favre out of the game. Isn't that putting a "hit" out on a fellow player? Isn't that a crime?

— Boomer Esiason (@7BOOMERESIASON) May 2, 2012

Jonathon Vilma put up 10K x2 for INJURY to both Favre and Warner. When does Vilma join the lawsuit vs the NFL for long term injury?#bothways

— Boomer Esiason (@7BOOMERESIASON) May 2, 2012

Giants DB Will Blackmon said the money doesn't seem worth it. From his Twitter page:

Regardless of what a player is told to do, I find it hard to believe a player will go lengths to intentionally injured another player.

— Will Blackmon (@will_blackmon) May 2, 2012

Some guys get more for appearances. Why break a leg for 10k?? RT @adamkliegman: @will_blackmon What if you put 10K of your own money on it?

— Will Blackmon (@will_blackmon) May 2, 2012

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