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Thursday, May 3, 2012
Kenny Bell leaves Reno for So Cal

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Kenny Bell in Long Beach, Calif.

With Reno once home to FMX riders such as Dustin Miller, Matt Buyten and Mike Mason, there was no shortage of pros to ride with. But all that has changed, with most of the rider base heading to Southern California for warmer weather and a growing FMX scene. Recently, Reno local Kenny Bell joined the mass emigration to Southern California. And for Bell, the move makes sense. The weather is always good and many consider Temecula to be the mecca of the motocross and freestyle communities. Plus, there are no shortage of riders or compounds to ride on. I recently caught up with Kenny as he was riding the Marc Burnett demo at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Here's what he had to say about the move and the dwindling FMX population of Reno. Who is Kenny Bell and what have you been up?
Bell: I guess Kenny Bell is just a dude that loves riding dirt bikes and thinks it's even cooler that I've been lucky enough to make a solid living from riding at the same time. I just got done with the FMX Online tour, which is always a ripping time and I'm also doing a lot of the Monster Jams on the west coast.

You just got off the FMX Online tour?
Yeah we just wrapped up a nine-stop tour through the U.S. I've been doing that tour since it started.

I recently got to catch up with you for the demo at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Are you living in Southern California now?
Yep, I've made the move finally. It's been a long time coming. Just picking all your stuff up and moving is a really big deal and there's a lot of work that goes into it. I am loving this weather and the people so far.

Bell gets in done in Southern California, minus the wind and snow of Reno.

I've heard Matt Buyten is leaving Reno for Souther California as well. It seems like Reno keeps getting smaller. How many riders are left up there now?
Reno is losing riders fast that's for sure. I know Drake McElroy and Adam Jones are really the only two full-timers still there.

Is it all that wind that is driving all of the riders away?
I think it's been a combo of wind and snow that has pushed us all away. Having three to four months a year when you can't ride is just too much time off the bike.

Well at least you have people to ride with in Southern California.
Yeah that's for sure. I've been riding at Fitzpatrick's house the most, so big thanks to him for taking me in and letting me ride everyday with him and all the boys.

"I'm just going to try and keep my head down and just push as hard as I can with riding as many shows as I can," says Bell.

So what else is Kenny Bell up to this year?
I think this year I'm just going to try and keep my head down and just push as hard as I can with riding as many shows as I can. I just got back from China tomorrow for the Asian X Games and then as soon as I get back, it's game on for summer demos everywhere. I get to go back over to Aruba and a lot of really cool other places.

Right on that sounds like a lot of fun. Anyone you'd like to thanks before we wrap this up?
I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone that has got me to this point and all the people that continue to help me out for all these years: Fly Racing, FMF, Arnette, SCS Unlimited, EVO Suspension, Guts Seats, Osiris Shoes,, Smoking Seagulls, LivFast, Deft Fam, Testa Motorsports, Skull Candy, Big Belly Crew, West Racing, Works Connection, Hammer Head, Marc Burnett, and Mom and Pops.