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Friday, May 4, 2012
Todd Potter films with drone helicopter

When filming for a motocross video, you most certainly need all the tools necessary to get the shot. This means that you better be ready to dip into your pocket and pony up for jib arms, zip lines, high tech cameras, and most of all, a helicopter rental. One recent addition to this line-up is the drone helicopter -- a remote controlled helicopter with a camera attachment. Much cheaper than an actual helicopter rental, the drone helicopter offers the superior filming of helicopter shots, which makes the riding come to life. It's a diverse and feasible option that allows for the same quality shot as a helicopter. As seen in the above video shot by Bo Bridges with Todd Potter, the Drone was able to get closer to Potter without raising the risk factor, and at the same time delivering quality shots. With this new option, the future of FMX video production is looking pretty good.