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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Updated: May 18, 12:34 PM ET
Going Abroad

By ESPN Action Sports

This week, surf cinematographer John Lynch released his newest, free-of-charge short film, called "Abroad."

The film, which was shot by Lynch over several weeks in Indonesia, looks into how meeting people in different places in the world can change who you are. He spent much of his time in villages that were damaged by the 2010 tsunami. Lynch had no crew in the making of this film; it was created entirely by him alone.

"It's about how meeting fellow travelers can open up your world," Lynch says. "I hope this movie encourages others to get off the tourist trail, throw away their itineraries, and get involved with something out of their comfort zone; stepping in to make a difference is much more rewarding than just being an observant tourist."

Surfers in the film include Lucas Vasquez, Jaime O'Brien, John John Florence, Pat Gudauskas, Antonio da Silva and more.

"I left the States with a general question lingering in my mind: 'When does the tourist become a traveler?'" Lynch says about creating the film.