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Friday, May 18, 2012
Evan Smith: Orlando to Pittsburgh to Cali

Evan Smith
Evan Smith threads the needle through the fence and front blunts the bank-to-ledge.

If you have ever seen Evan Smith skateboard in person it's magical. Evan's skating seems so effortless and his style is something that can't be faked or copied. He's a new kid on the block but I've seen Evan skate this good since he was 12. Evan is going to change the way people approach the streets and it shouldn't be much longer until you see a board with his name on it. Evan Smith rips!

ESPN: What's going on Evan?
Evan: Wow... So much, the family and myself have been working around the clock.

How does it feel to be done with Element video "Future Nature"?
It feels great!

Was this your first part?
No but I'm no master yet, takes a lot of time and dedication to make a piece your happy with.

What other old videos are you in? Any old Florida videos I should look up?
I am in "Down in Orlando". Alex Elder, Vaughan Jensen and Jake Nursey made a video called "Just Meshing Around". You can search it on youtube. We worked together on the idea of the part and I love being involved in that aspect. Also, last month I worked with Chris Ray on "The Cinematographers Project'' and now the "Future Nature" part.

Evan Smith
Evan Smith

Where are you right now?
I'm in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

I heard you work construction when you are not in California and back home.
Yeah, I do but not for the union or nothing official. We own some property up here and we tweak it as an art piece of rock-n-roll to make money and be creative. Real American working.

How long have you lived up in Pittsburgh, PA. I thought you were from Florida?
Well I'm from Orlando, but I have been living here for five years now.

Who is your skate crew in Pittsburgh?
Well the local shop is called "One Up Skate Shop". When I moved here I met a bunch of really cool dudes that are down for local skateboardingthey skate for the shop and what not. Austin Kanfoush is so freaking sick. You should check him out and Jake Johnson moved here recently and he got a spot with the funk brothers. It's a pretty chill scene up here. Seems like the SF of the East Coast.

How often do you travel to California?
I go out there here and there. It's real nice out there.

Don't you have a uncle or cousin that was a sponsored am or pro from the early 90's?
Yes, my uncle Mike Speranzo was turing pro for Vision, Sims and Tracker around '89, but he was asked to put his career aside to help Gary Ream start a skateboard camp that is now known as Woodward Camp.

What tricks did he teach you?
He watched me take my first rock-fakie slam.

Where can we see footage of him?
I've yet to find any in existence, just crazy old photos of Andrechts and Sadplants.

What's the best country you went to while filmming for "Future Nature"?
Spain is the best!

Who had your favorite part in the video?
Julian's part is my favorite because he is so controlled with his movements, and the song they used is just amazing for his skateboarding.

What clip did you struggle with the most?
That back Smith kickflip on the 3 stair ledge... awesome battle there and a lesson learned.

Who are all of your sponsors?
Element, DC, Indy, Bones and Swiss bearings.

Who's the next Pro on Element?
I hope Nick Garcia. He is the man!

Last Words...
Thanks you to Espn and thanks to you Mike Sinclair. I want to tell everyone in the world if all humans could read this, that skateboarding is rad and I hope you can embrace it!