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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Updated: May 24, 5:21 AM ET
Nicolas Müller is Avant/Garde

We found this wonderful video about Nicolas Müller, featuring pro-snowboarder-turned-über-agent (and all around rock star) Circe Wallace, over at the Avant/Garde Diaries site and wanted to share it with you here. The piece is called "Taking Chances," and is about just that. It was filmed and edited by the same creative talents who made Müller's Nike Zoom Kaiju mini-movie (which you should watch, if you haven't yet) and is, much like its subject, beautiful in a stylized, dreamy sort of way.

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a web-based collection of high-production-value cinematic profiles of people considered to be on the cutting edge of art, design, music, science and life. With this piece, Müller and Wallace join the ranks of a pretty incredible, eclectic group of inspirational people -- most of whom have nothing to do with sports, "action" or otherwise. Many of us know that these two deserve to be in that collection, but it's nice when people outside of snowboarding can see it too. So how did it come about?

"I met Circe in Spain a couple of years ago and experienced her as a really fascinating women," explains Romy Uebel, one of the forces behind A/G. "She suggested we film with Nicolas. We liked the idea, as he is more than 'just' a very good and successful snowboarder -- we like his approach towards sustainability and responsibility."

We do too. Enjoy the film.