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Monday, May 28, 2012
Updated: May 29, 1:28 PM ET
Angie Marino added to TSG team

Angie Marino, clicked turndown at The Unit in Greenville, N.C. and now a member of the TSG team.

Late last week, Buffalo, N.Y.'s own Angie Marino was added to the TSG safety gear team, joining the likes of Brian Hunt, Ricardo Laguna, Allessandro Barbero and more. But that's not the only change 22-year-old Marino has made in recent months. Earlier this year, Marino made the switch from BSD to a new hook up from Fit Bike Co. On the heels of her joining TSG, we reached out to Marino to ask about the new TSG, as well as the Fit Bike Co. hook up. Look for Marino on the road this summer throughout the U.S. and Europe. How did the sponsorship with TSG come about?
Marino: Last year, Nina Buitrago, Jessica Ausec, Camila Harambour and I went to Interbike to spread the word of girls BMX and GRO. We started planning an all girls BMX trip for 2012 ending up at X Games, where we do clinics for girls who are interested in action sports and we were looking for companies to sponsor our trip. TSG was really interested in what we were doing and wanted to be apart of it. Ruedi [at TSG] was stoked on me and decided he wanted a girl on the team. From there it's history.

Do you always ride with a helmet?
Yep! In 2009, I got knocked out pretty bad (without a helmet on), broke my nose and orbital. Since then, I have never rode without my helmet. 

"The helmets don't bounce around on my head," says Marino of her new TSG hook up.

I noticed you also switched up your bike deal earlier this year. How did you end up on a Fit?
I've always liked Fit, and when I talked to them, they were game on helping me out with bikes. Everything just grew from there. Pretty stoked on it, it's the best feeling bike I have ever had and an all-around good company to be a part of.

What are your current sponsors now?
Fit Bike Co., TSG Helmets, Savakas.

What's on your schedule BMX-wise for the coming summer?
Our girls BMX trip, X Games, BMX Worlds, and hopefully NASS if they end up having a girls class.

Anything I might be missing?
Keep an eye out, our Yeah Zine girls BMX trip is happening soon! Check our website soon for dates and where we're going.