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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Updated: June 12, 5:47 PM ET
Brothers on Powder and Kickers

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The Jackson Brothers' epic Alaska to Chile journey continues with Episode 3, and it boasts some of the strongest riding to date. Shot in the same Tordrillo Range of Alaska we saw in Episode 2, the boys get even looser in the alpine with Travis Rice and session a dream triple line.

"The whole setup we had in AK was cool," says Eric Jackson, aka E-Jack. "It's really something unique, just to have a spine line into a double jump line like that." See E-Jack send it into space in style off his first try on the bottom booter. "I was just kind of going for it and in the moment. It was just too, too big [laughs]."

After watching his little brother and Master Rice turn AK into their own private skate park, hot-lapping by heli, an injured John J decides to hop in the bird with Ian Walsh for some "mellow pow lines" and is soon stepping to the jumps like a man who doesn't have multiple fractures in his back. [See Episode 1] A high-impact tomahawk soon follows but, if anything, the frightening wipe-out seems to have been a trip to nature's chiropractor, a cosmic alignment of sorts:

"He really wasn't supposed to be riding," says E-Jack. "But sitting down there watching all your buddies shred, you know, he was fired up. He just kind of sucked it up." They don't call them "mountain men" for nothing...

Other drama in the new episode centers on the custom rigs the boys were having fabricated for their 15,000-plus mile journey, which were not even close to ready at the beginning of the story.

"They're custom F-350s, basically," explains E-Jack. "We had a custom camper shell put on that's an aluminum box. Rhino lined custom to our needs. They have a better suspension, a big brush bar with lights, solar panels, air compressor... They're pretty much ready for whatever. The rigs are bad-ass. It was a huge headache and it was a bummer they weren't ready on time, but got 'em now and here we are!"

Keep up with the Brothers on the Run here every other Tuesday. And watch Episode 3 [above] if only for Rice's ridiculous no-pat-down back rodeo 7 off a good ol' hunk of Alaskan glacier. It's possible that John J and Rice are not actually human.