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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Updated: June 8, 8:00 PM ET
2012 Real Street: Manny Santiago

By Andrew Cannon

Manny Santiago 180 nose grinds this bank-to-ledge with ease and rides away clean. Real Street »

Manny Santiago, the Lowell, Mass., native, sat down with to talk Real Street, filming tricks he had never done and why you should VOTE for him. How long did you spend filming for Real Street?
Manny: Realistically? Since I had the Ammo "New Years Revolution" promo that came out at the start of this year. I have been doing it since January! But, I was on a 30-day Axion trip going from trade show to trade show. So about three months.

How are you feeling about your part?
I'm really happy with how it turned out. From the editing to the music I'm happy with it. And if you like my skating ... this is different than what you're used to seeing, so I hope you like it. My goal was to have one of each aspect of skating.

Did you do anything that surprised you?
There are quite a few tricks in there that I had never done before. That was the main objective: to do tricks that people hadn't seen me do. I didn't want the same old big-spin board slide. It's a little more well-rounded and it has new tricks.

What was the hardest part about filming for this part?
Pretty much just trying to reinvent myself. I have been putting out so much stuff that it's hard not to repeat stuff. So for this I wanted to do tricks I've never done. And there are only two or three tricks in there that people have seen me do.

Do you have any funny stories during the filming for it?
Not really crazy, more stressful. The heel-flip front Smith grind was tough. I was trying it and a few times before I landed it I rolled my ankle pretty bad, but I had to man up and keep trying. Luckily I got it.

So you did that trick with a rolled ankle?
Yeah, if you frame by frame the clip, my ankle is sideways and my foot is straight.

You're a social media guy, does that motivate you during the filming, when kids are responding to your spot posts?
Of course, that's the goal. My goal is to impress the kids and get them hyped and that pushes you to reinvent yourself.

Manny Santiago

Do you think that your wide reach through social media will help you to win the fan favorite?
I just hope that it gets the kids stoked. There are a lot of guys with bigger followers than me but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully my part will be good enough that they go to Team Manny and not whomever else they were going to vote for.

Whose part is your favorite?
I'm pretty excited about Joey Pepper and Fred Gall, guys that you're not so used to seeing in this type of an event.

What will you do with the money if you win?
Well, I'm having a baby in August, so I would pretty much save it for family things.