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Friday, June 8, 2012
Updated: June 17, 9:44 PM ET
Daewon Song: 5-Incher

Almost Skateboards is known for their insanely creative, unique and mind-blowing head honcho Daewon Song. This past week saw the release of the new Almost video, entitled "5-Incher," which breaks down the intricacies of skating a rock, tree and a five inch tall curb. Yes, Daewon takes it to a new level and becomes one with nature, while the rest of the team follows suit with great parts and full blown rippage. Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Lewis Marnell, Willow, Youness Amrani and the Almost cast join Daewon in their newest pixelated pursuit. got in touch with Mr. Song and prodded him with questions about "5-Incher" and what's next on his plate. Daewon! The newest Almost video just dropped -- how was the premier and how did people react?
Daewon: I think people enjoyed it! Short but fun video. I guess my part gets mixed reviews, people expected a lot more tech but I just wanted to explore -- ha ha!

You've been filming video parts for nearly 20 years now -- how do you stay motivated and stoked?
I always try and challenge myself! In my new part I might do a trick I've done fifteen years ago but I put myself against a new element and so a trick I land every try ends up never working, and I love that!

All the tricks on rocks and trees were rad. Just goes to show that sick skating is sick skating, no matter what it's on. How'd you come up with all that?
Well, I just put out the "Enter the Daewon" vid for Spitfire and I only had about five tricks for the Almost video and two months to film, so I just drove around and kept getting kicked out everywhere! Then I got over it and would just pull over and skate whatever I could find. When I started skating there were really no skateparks or hot spots just the streets -- this part was for me and the appreciation for the streets and spots that don't get as much love! Like the kid at school that gets no attention unlike the popular kid, I wanted to give this kid all the attention and it was challenging which made it so fun! The rocks never felt right and did not grind and the trees sunk in when you landed -- so the basics became hard! Ha -- it was humbling.

Weird, hard, unique tricks is what makes you and Chris Haslam stand out from the crowd.
I'm always just skating whatever I feel at the time, I go through phases a lot. I will be at Channel St. for two months straight then not go for two and just skate manuals. I'm always looking for something that never wants to workout for myself.

Are there tricks that are hard for you? Not tricks that just take a long time to land, but tricks that are hard to figure out.
I wish I had switch backside 360 ollies on lock -- and quintuple flips are tough!

You're right back to filming for another video -- tell me about that?
I'm gonna film a part for Thrasher Mag! They have supported me my whole career so I wanna film a part for them. I'm on some new phase, so I'm just waiting to drive and see what I crash into.

Get "5-Incher" on iTunes for $5.99 or buy it at your locale skateshop!