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Thursday, June 14, 2012
2012 Real Street: Nyjah Huston

By Mike Sinclair

Will anyone beat Nyjah Huston this year? Huston has been on one of the biggest winning streaks of all time. I can't recall any street skater ever winning as much as he has in the past decade. Is it just his time to shine or is he that much better than everyone right now? No matter what the answer, Huston is the man to beat right now. He's killing every contest and he's lighting up the streets. Go Huston and VOTE! How's it going, Nyjah?
Huston: It's going good. I just got done skating the Costa Mesa park. That park is fun.

Congratulations on another win at Street League.
Oh, thank you dude.

Nyjah Huston.

You have won over a million dollars from skating contests in the past year or so, right?
Yeah, I guess so. I haven't added it all up. I guess I have, it's crazy to think about.

What have you been doing with all of your winnings?
I just been trying to save most of it. I bought a few cars. I bought my mom a car. I'm also working on a down payment for a house right now.

Does DC match your contest winnings?
They give me incentives but they don't match it. The incentives they give help for sure.

Is it a possibility that if you keep winning contests you might buy a company or buy stock in one?
Hopefully it will get to that point. After I put my money into a house maybe I'll invest in something like a company. That would be nice.

What would you do if you bought a company like DVS?
I would just do whatever to make it sick. I'd make a solid team and try to do good marketing and make a sick video first.

Your Real Street part is insane, how much time did you put into it?
I think I had about a month. I found out about two or three months ago that I had an opportunity to be in Real Street so I was stoked to get working on it. I was hurt for the first two months with an injury to my knee. After I started feeling good again, I had about a month.

Nyjah Huston goes big on this frontside 5-0 grind down a 21 stair rail.

What trick gave you the most trouble?
The front blunt gave me the most trouble by far. I had to go back twice. The first time I went it was a week day and people were everywhere. I felt good on the first few attempts but I got kicked out by the coach. He stood next to the rail so it was over right away. I came back later and the same dude was there. He kicked me out before I tried it again. The cops came, the cops came again when they saw us. I left for 15 minutes and got two tries at it and knocked it out. I don't like going back to get tricks but I really wanted to get this for my part.

Whose part are you most excited to see?
I think Jaws and Manny. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jaws -- his part will be insane. He's so gnarly.

Who are you voting for?
I'm gonna vote for Manny. He's awesome and a funny dude. I think he deserves to win something for sure. Manny rules!

What do you like most about the Real Street contest versus the traditional contests?
Honestly, I love them both. I think it's really cool that X Games invented such a sick contest like Real Street. It showcases your video part and you can win money for doing what you love to do. Skaters deserve to win money and a gold medal for making such gnarly parts. It's cool to see it happen.

What's your next video project that you are filming for?
I don't have anything right now. I'm pretty sure I'm working on stuff with DC next. I'll always be skating and trying to learn new tricks. I just love going out with my friends and just skating and filming every chance I get.