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Thursday, July 5, 2012
Thursday Video Haze 2

Omar Salazar

As if you can ever get enough Omar Salazar, the Eric Estrada of skateboarding. There aren't many people in our world of skateboarding that have the energy, PMA and the daily stoke that Salazar has. Nike and Levi's have teamed up to create the skate inspired 511 jean and Salazar is the perfect poster child for the collaboration. This is just a short commercial but it's totally fun to watch and makes me want to go skate.

A Trio of Trujillos

The Trujillo Trio is just that- Robert Trujillo (bass player for Metallica), pro skateboarder Tony Trujillo and his wife Trixie Trujillo (neither related to Robert). The trio of Trujillos played a short set at the Vans "Off The Wall" tent during Metallica's music festival -- Orion Music + More -- on June 23 in Atlantic City, NJ. Skateboarders and rock stars -- one in the same.

Hammer Time

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In the early 2000s Jim Greco single handedly reinvented the lexicon of skate vocabulary. A "Hammer" became the new defunct description for something incredible being done on a skateboard. Thrasher Magazine created a short tutorial on what the word "Hammer" means to skaters such as Andrew Reynolds, Paul Rodriguez, Guy Mariano and Marc Johnson, and the contrasting color scheme associated with it.

French Connection

If you've never been to the south of France then you're missing out on beautiful countrysides, beautiful beaches and beautiful women. I know, that's easy to say cause most people haven't been to France, and that's why Adidas teamed up with rider Lucas Puig and friends to give us a tour of their country. Follow them from their DIY spot in Toulouse, down to the perfect ledges in Montpellier, over to the famed skatepark in Marseille and beyond.

Catalina Collision

Mike Vallely's Elephant Brand Skateboards have been putting out some great videos as of late. Recently, Vallely celebrated his 25-year-anniversary of being a professional skateboarder with a barbecue and mini-ramp jam on the island of Catalina, Calif. Regardless of his age, you haven't seen a mini-ramp skated until you see Vallely skate one and he's still on fire.