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Sunday, July 15, 2012
Results -- BMX Worlds 2012 in Germany

Unknown turndown during dirt qualifying at the BMX Worlds 2012.

As far back as I can remember, outdoor BMX contests during the summer in Northern Europe have always been something of a gamble -- either the week went off without a hitch and everyone returned home raving about the contest, the parties and the falafel, or rain caused everyone to sit on high alert in the lobby of the hotel, wondering if the contest was actually going to happen.

And then there are the years when the contest gets about halfway underway, only to be canceled by torrential rain. This year's BMX Worlds 2012 in Cologne, Germany was one of those years. Beginning on Friday, rain threatened the contest's progression, clearing up on Saturday but returning in such force on Sunday that both Pro Park and Pro Vert finals were canceled. Luckily, the organizers of the BMX Worlds managed to squeeze in Pro Dirt, Pro Street and Pro Flatland, along with amateur classes. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds.

Friday night, following rain and the consistent threat of more rain, the organizers decided to run Pro Dirt qualifying. Of course, the conditions weren't perfect. And according to the riders competing, it came to a head. Organizers versus riders, debating on whether or not to run the contest. In the end, the riders won out, and qualifiers were pushed back to Saturday. Some hailed it as a historic moment, some recognized it as a call to action. If things continue to progress in this manner, perhaps a new rider-type coalition will re-emerge, similar to the one spearheaded by Dennis McCoy many years ago.

Ron Wilkerson, age 46, with a pedalpicker drop-in during the old school Team Haro demo at the BMX Worlds 2012.

Dirt did eventually happen on Saturday, and Australia's Kyle Baldock took first place, followed by Redline's Brandon Dosch in second and Mirraco's Andy Buckworth in third. In addition to dirt, a Worlds tradition, Pro Flatland, managed to squeeze in as well, giving France's Matthias Dandois the first place spot, followed by Czech rider Dominik Nekolny in second and Dez Maarsen in third place. The final pro event of the weekend to beat the rain was Pro Street, and a semi-local, Federal's Bruno Hoffmann took the win, followed by Glenn Salyers in second and Adrian Malmberg in third.

Unfortunately, the rain returned on Sunday and all things BMX Worlds came to a close. Although the competition aspect of the BMX Worlds finished early, the tradition of making a trek to Cologne, Germany in mid-July for an outdoor BMX comp that features old school demos from Team Haro is longstanding and perhaps more important than the actual contest. Ask anyone that attends the Worlds -- yes, it's a contest, but it's also a gathering of new and old friends, united by BMX riding. Rain has and will continue to threaten the Worlds, but some BMX traditions are hard to kill. Full results follow.

Pro Dirt Results
1. Kyle Baldock
2. Brandon Dosch 
3. Andy Buckworth
4. Brett Banasiewicz
5. Anthony Napolitan
6. Ryan Nyquist
7. Nicholi Rogatkin
8. James Foster
9. Rob Darden
10. Ricky Moseley 

Pro Flatland Results
1. Matthias Dandois
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. Dez Maarsen
4. Chutchalerm Chaiwirotwit
5. Joris Bretagnolles
6. Kevin Nikulski
7. Alex Jumelin
8. Miguel Monzon Sangareau
9. Romulo Jacintho Guerra
10. Gonzales Bellanti

Pro Street Results
1. Bruno Hoffmann
2. Glenn Salyers
3. Adrian Malmberg
4. Paul Ryan
5. Alin Moldovan
6. Tom Schorb
7. Phamee
8. Felix Kirch
9. David Budko
10. Fernando Laczko