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Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Bicycle Motocross meets Tumblr

Northeast flatlander Brian Champman, a simple look at the art of bicycle motocross.

These past few weeks I've found a new favorite BMX blog. It's not original content or overly designed. In fact, it's just a simple Tumblr page -- the popular blog platform that coined the term "reflag." The site,, is essentially cool photos of people riding BMX, aggregated from various other BMX websites. Credits, when available, are provided and includes a backlink to its original source. Started in December of 2009, the blog is seemingly put together anonymously. While the blog owner's tastes seems to cater to the simple acts of going high and fast, pretty much every aspect of BMX besides racing is covered.

Generally speaking, all of the photos on the blog are awesome photos -- the anonymous blogger running the show over there has a great eye for BMX photos. And while much of the photos feature some pro (including rare appearances, like this one of Bob Scerbo), the ones found on Flickr or BikeGuide are some of my personal favorites. This photograph, of a kid tucking over a gap at a famous Los Angeles spot, is particularly awesome.

It's often said that with the proliferation of digital media on the Internet, there's just too much information readily available at our fingertips. To counter this "problem" we need intermediaries to sift through the data. The Bicycle Motocross Tumblr is a perfect example of this. Whoever it is sifting through the piles of BMX photos hitting the web everyday for everyone else's ease and enjoyment is doing a great job. Thank you, whoever you are.