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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
BMX portfolio -- Kyle Emery-Peck

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Many months ago, San Francisco-based BMX photographer Kyle Emery-Peck sent over ten new thematic images. According to Kyle, "I was thinking of keeping it a mild winter theme on the west coast. I took a couple weeks off of work, and this is what I shot. I traveled down south to L.A and Mexico and took advantage of the beautiful, BMX friendly weather." Kyle zipped up the photos, added captions, and sent them to me.

And for the first half of this year, I slacked on getting it posted. I have no excuses, and I'm taking this space here to offer Kyle my sincere apologies. With that said, the photos are great. Instead of foot high ledges, there are handrails, and instead of bike checks, there are huge bowl airs and bermshots. And if that wasn't enough, there's even a shot of flatland legend Pete Brandt in there. Check the photos, pass my sincerest apologies onto Kyle and let's all start to enjoy my increasingly streamlined Mac desktop.