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Thursday, July 19, 2012
Updated: July 22, 2:56 PM ET
How to train for Moto X Speed & Style

Most freestyle motocross riders came from racing backgrounds so it's only fitting that you would see a growing popularity amongst everyone to compete in it.

Speed & Style, for some of you who do not know, is a combination of FMX mixed with supercross racing. It has a starting gate, four laps and a finish line in the format. The judging is based on time and scoring by judges. The track is somewhat of a scaled-down version of SX but don't get it twisted. If you're thinking that it's no problem to bust out four laps on a scaled-down version of an SX track you're mistaken.

Let's not forget if you're in this event you probably haven't raced or done laps in ages and arm pump is going to be a killer. You need to be able to bust out four fast laps and four ramp hits, so you better be in shape.

This means sprints, sprints and more sprint-style workouts. Today's workout tip from Charles Dao of Icon1 Sports in the above video is power ropes -- a cardio-strength, sprint exercise specific to a Speed & Style event.