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Sunday, July 22, 2012
Santa Cruzin'

As Huntington Beach prepares for the Hurley US Open of Surfing circus, you'll hear the moniker "Surf City," tossed around a bunch. But be careful saying that around the Santa Cruz crew. While the public perception fits Huntington, SC might be more of a surfer's "Surf City."

This cold water outpost gets open ocean swell year round, groomed by the Monterrey Canyon. Drenched in history, solid surf, and a shark tale or two, this is one of the great American beach towns. And it has always had talent, from skate-inspired aerialists to Maverick's chargers, there are few places that can attest to raising so many surf starts -- both on and off the radar. Perhaps it's the chill that makes it so authentic, or the colorful characters. Check out Ryan Augustine, Bud Frietas, Ken Collins, Josh Mulcoy, Nic Lamb, Austin Smith Ford, Nat Young and Kyle Buthman on hollow days and aerial arrays.