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Monday, July 30, 2012
Chris Cole wins CHP street

Chris Cole takes home the $10,000 prize at the 2012 Copenhagen Pro.

The 2012 Copenhagen Pro is in the history books and Chris Cole adds another first place trophy to his mantle.

On Sunday the top 12 skaters from Saturday's qualifying, battled for the $10,000 first place purse at the Copenhagen Pro. Each skater was given a one-minute intro run then the 12 skaters were broken down into two man jams where they went nonstop for four minutes.

A couple skaters that didn't make the top spots but skated well in the finals were Wes Kremer and Walker Ryan. Kremer can literally skate everything and was one of the few to do tricks on the vert quarter pipe. His trick selection made him a crowd favorite and the fact that he skated a destroyed setup -- complete with chips in his tail -- made it even more awesome to watch.

Ryan has put out multiple, amazing video parts, but it's not until you see him skate in person that you can appreciate how talented he is. Switch bigspin frontside boardslides down the handrail, first try, and massive nollie Half-Cab kickflips the hard way over the hip, were just a couple of the tricks made during his annihilation. Kremer got ninth and Ryan ended up in sixth. Both guys were a treat to watch and hopefully we will see more of them in the near future.

Sunday's standout run was by Ishod Wair. Wair landed everything flawlessly and embraced the spirit of the weekend by dancing in between tricks with a smile on his face. Wair looks so natural on a board you have to remind yourself that the tricks he's doing are in fact, extremely difficult. In the jam, Wair was matched up with Nyjah Huston. Huston skated really well but took a couple slams that seemed to slow him down just enough for Wair to pull into third place, leaving Huston behind in fourth.

The final spots came down to the top two qualifiers: Ryan Decenzo and Cole. Decenzo came out on top in qualifiers and was looking really solid. With a great run under his belt Decenzo went into machine mode, churning out trick after trick. But it was a harsh slam to the hip on a nollie heelflip noseslide down the hubba ledge that left a bit of wiggle room for Cole. Cole, who had a great intro run, did mind-numbingly technical tricks over the hip and the rest of the park. It's safe to say that a jam format works best for Cole when it comes to contests. With such a large array of tricks, the only way to see his talent is to give him some time, and that is exactly what he had today. Both guys skated well but it was Cole who took home the $10,000 prize with Decenzo finishing second.

How Chris Cole won 1st place at the CHP.

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