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Monday, July 30, 2012
Post, Willoughby debut Olympic frames

Team USA's Alise Post, in her Olympic BMX race uniform (left) and her UCI-approved signature model Redline Flight frame (right).

Earlier this week, Redline Bicycles, the bike sponsor of London Games Olympic BMX athletes Alise Post and Sam Willoughby, debuted the official BMX frames that are to be ridden by Post and Willoughby in the Olympic Games next month. Post, a female BMX rider from Minnesota, will be representing Team USA, while Willoughby will be representing Team Australia for the men.

Post also debuted her Nike-issue uniform and official bike completely built up via Facebook, awaiting the delivery of her helmet.

Heading into the Olympics, the grey area between representing a country while also retaining loyalty to a sponsor was not heavily discussed. Would Post and Willougby have to ride UCI (Union Cycliste International, the world's governing body for sports cycling) approved frames, or could they continue to represent Redline? According to the London 2012 Guidelines, they could continue to support their sponsor regardless of the country they were representing. If their Redline-issued frame and forks met with the UCI Approval Protocol for Frames and Forks, all was good.

Team Australia Sam Willoughby's Olympic-issue frame from Redline.

With approval, Redline got to work, crafting special edition frames for Post and Willoughby, according to their tastes. Post went with her signature Redline Flight Alise Post, constructed of aluminum with the geometry of her choice, while Willoughby stuck with the Carbon Flight Pro XL he's become accustomed to. Following approval from the UCI, a label that read "UCI Frame" was applied to each side of the frame.

According to regulations, Redline was also allowed to brand the frame and model one time on each side of the frame. The same Olympic rules are also applied to the BMX bike's fork, headset, seatpost and wheels. But Redline didn't stop there -- the BMX brand with roots that stretch back to the '70s also produced Olympic frames for Canada's Tory Nyhaug and Lithuanian female Olympic BMX rider Vilma Rimasaite.

For full details on the Olympic buzz behind Redline's race program and carbon race technology, check the Redline Facebook page for the latest. BMX Racing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England begins on August 8.