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Wednesday, August 1, 2012
United and éclat present "High & Bound"

During a week in May, members of the United and Eclat teams, including Shane Weston, Chester Blacksmith, Corey Martinez, Geoff Slattery, Christian Rigal and Iz Pulido, made their way up the California coast from Long Beach to San Francisco. Sun drenched and upbeat, the United & Eclat "High & Bound" tour video is what we have come to expect when teams filled with such heavy hitters ride California's pristine spots.

With such stacked teams, every clip is awesome but there are certainly standouts. Corey Martinez does an incredible Luc-E grind down a outwardly curved rail. Chester Blacksmith, in case anyone forgot, continues to annihilate everything he comes across; his roof drop to curved wallride is awesome. Iz Pulido locks into a super long front pedal grind, or whatever its official name is. Somehow Christian Rigal pops a gigantic hard 180 out of an uprail grind. And, Geoff Slattery keeping up with his tradition, makes going fast and high look like the only way to ride a BMX bike. As you can tell, there's something for everyone in this one. And while all of those clips are great, the shining star, in my opinion, is Shane Weston. His style walks that tough line of creative but not too creative remarkably well. I always knew he was talented but with icepick grinds to fakie wallrides and a fastplant 180 on a pole down stairs, Weston has made a new fan.

Sure, there's some bro cam footage of ledge and rail waxing and it might be a little long for some -- it clocks in at just under seven minutes, but it's certainly the video to watch today, and probably for the rest of the week for that matter. As an added bonus, the folks over at United and Eclat even made a special micro website, complete with an even longer and much more casual edit, a photo gallery, and an Instagram feed.

The video is also available for download on iTunes.